Typically, dinner is the meal that brings the family together at the end of the day. It’stherefore an intimate moment, leaving everyday stress and pamper yourself, maybe tasting gourmet or regional identity plates.

“Cotoletta alla Milanese” – If you are a lover of tradition, you may find your way to a typical dish of cuisine “Milanese style”. An example? Veal cutlet with bone at Milanese style, accompanied by rocket, Grana cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Vegetables – For dinner, we have light and healthy recipes too, which encloses all the genuineness of the products of the earth. “Saint George Restaurant” offers you a pan of grilled vegetables with smoked cheese and tomatoes concassé .

Fillet of Buffalo – If you prefer to give yourself a dish more complex and sophisticated you can try the buffalo meat au gratin with cheese, accompanied by red onion and sour.