The Buffet Chef

Lunch is a sort of special ritual . Due to the frenetic pattern of today’s routine, no longer has a fixed schedule, it remains nonetheless an important moment of the day. Those in a hurry can renounce to the canonical three courses, and prefer a sandwich or a single pot can bet on our lunch buffet, varied and appetizing one.

Every day from Monday to Friday, our restaurant offers a lunch buffet truly unique: you can taste the soup ” as it once was cooked,” the first of the traditional dishes, a second succulent, in addition to vegetables, salami and cheeses, the product of seasonal fruits, and warm focaccia bread straight from our oven.

You will find in the buffet the passion and emotions of a simple and traditional cuisine, which will brighten your lunch break without ever compromising on quality and to a skilful culinary art.

Price: € 15.00 per person, including water and coffee.